The software is an application that will run on any Car PC. The purpose of the software is to serve as a console or dashboard for accessing Car PC features.

The Interface: Application Screenshot

The goal of our interface is to make it easy to manage your Car PC from a single application. Our simple configuration allows for out-of-the-box integration with almost any 3rd party application. You can also customize the GUI, and even add your own components. The possibilities are endless!


To download our software right now, please go to:

User Documentation

The User Guide is currently a work in progress, and is not ready for release. Please check back by the end of February for a full user guide which describes the features available, setup, configuration, and customization of the application.

Updates to the software will automatically be downloaded when you start the application, assuming that you have an internet connection.

However, even without an Internet connection, you will be able to use the version you currently have installed. And once you establish an internet connection, you can download the latest updates, then you'll have all of the up to the minute features that are available.

The application has been segmented into a series of .jar files in order minimize the download size for minor updates. This means that you'll never be forced to download the full application again unless every part of the entire application changes (which should be EXTREMELY rare).

Developer Documentation

JavaDoc is in the works, pending official release of the source code. Documentation on the actual architecture, requirements, and design are available at the links below.

JavaOne 2007

We're planning on presenting a technical session at the 2007 JavaOne conference titled "Rev Up Your Car PC with Java™ Technology". We've got an outline of our presentation, including sample slides available. And we're going to be looking for some advance feedback on what we plan to cover - as soon as the User Forums are available, please let us know what you think!


Contributors to the project should access the cvs server directly, using the instructions found below.


News Archive
  • JavaOne 2007

    We have submitted a technical session proposal to the 2007 JavaOne conference titled: "Rev Up Your Car PC with Java Technology". The purpose of the presentation is to show the role of Java technology in the Car PC environment. We also intend to perform a live demonstration of the open-source software if accepted. Check back mid-to-late February for an update on our status!

    UPDATE: JavaOne presentation outline, sample slides and more details are now available HERE!

  • Status Icons

    Status Icons are now available! Any component can issue status messages to the status manager, and the application will automatically notify the user using a status icon in the header of the application.

Coming Soon

  • Bandwidth Optimizer

    Does your Car PC (like most) only have limited internet connectivity? Need to optimize the bandwidth available to synchronize your latest MP3s and video content? Then you'll love the "Bandwidth Optimizer" feature, which allows you to prioritize your downloads on a component by component basis. Check back at the beginning of March for an update on this feature!

  • GPS Server

    Need multiple applications or components to share your single GPS receiver? The "GPS Server" feature will allow you read NMEA coordinates from your GPS module and then re-broadcast the messages in real-time to any interested applications, effectively allowing you to share GPS location information with a variety of simultaneously running applications. Check back mid-March for an update on this feature!

  • Bluetooth Calls

    Soon you'll be able to initiate phone calls from the Contacts component using your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Check back mid-April for an update on this feature!